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Communicating in a culturally diverse country

Communicating in a culturally diverse country

Being able to communicate across cultural and language differences, is often a challenge worldwide, and one that we meet every day in South Africa. We are proudly one of the most multicultural and linguistically diverse nations on earth, and this can be a challenge. However, if we equip and prepare them well it could also be an extremely stimulating experience for our children.

Before we can teach children about other cultures, however, we need to make them aware of their own cultures. If they enjoy and respect their own rituals and cultural habits, then they will be better prepared to recognise those of others. We need to give them a ‘place’ to put new cultural experiences, and equip them with parallels in their own lives, so that they can safely experience other cultures.

Making children aware of their own culture and heritage, also encourages a sense of pride and belonging, which boosts confidence. We have just celebrated heritage day – did you discuss the concept of culture and heritage with your children? We’d love to hear about your insights and experiences.

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