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EdTech Expert: Siobhan Thatcher

EdTech Expert: Siobhan Thatcher

EdTech is a hot buzz word around the air right now. Being involved in education and technology we take this very seriously and consulted with an expert on the matter.

Tell us about yourself and your background?

After leaving school in 2002, I studied Journalism and Linguistics at Rhodes University, thinking I’d end up writing and designing media content in the then emerging online world. A change in course saw me do my Post-Graduate Certificate in Education part-time at the University of Johannesburg while I began my career in the classroom in 2007. I had not always wanted to teach, but after working closely with students in academic support courses, I realised that I had a passion for sharing knowledge and enabling learning. I went from being a languages teacher to supporting and teaching ICT integration when I moved to Cape Town and had the incredible opportunity to work at the first school in South Africa to embark on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). At the time, it was a leading project in our country which gave me incredible scope to learn and experiment as technology entered classrooms in a very new way.

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