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The funny things kids say

The funny things kids say

It was World Read Aloud Day on the 24th, in which people are encouraged to participate in the promotion and enjoyment of reading out loud. But what happens when the youngsters are old enough to read themselves, or at least attempt to decipher a few words on their own?

We’ve heard some zingers come out of the mouths of our own toddlers, and we thought that we would see how other kids mispronounce the English language. Sometimes their mistakes can be eerily accurate – for instance saying pack-pack instead of backpack. That’s exactly what it does, not so? At other times the words can verge on the rude or inappropriate, and we are sure that many parents have done a few double takes at what they children have said. For instance, my daughter mispronounced ‘boobies’ as ‘booties’ to great confusion as a toddler. The first day in winter when I told her to ‘Put on your booties’ I was met with a blank stare. Booties, you can’t be serious!

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