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Help your kids cope with school-related stress

Help your kids cope with school-related stress

School places many challenges on our children, on an academic, social and personal level, and it is up to us as parents to support them when they struggle. Younger children, especially, can benefit greatly from help with organising and time management at home. Help them to set out their clothes and any books that they might need the night before. Categorise and mark all school items, and set aside a dedicated space in your home for all their gear.

Tackle the school environment by trying these tips:

  • Talk to their teachers. They spend most of the day with your kids, and together you can come up with a solution that suits everyone.
  • Take some extra time and encourage your child to talk about their school day.
  • Support your kids at after school activities. This way they can meet new friends and focus on activities outside the classroom.

If emotional problems persist, we would like to encourage parents to seek the help and advice of professionals. Even parents need help sometimes.

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