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How Tablets Enhance Learning For Young Users

How Tablets Enhance Learning For Young Users

While some consider mobile devices as a distraction, different studies have proven just how effective these tech gadgets can be in enhancing the learning experience for students, specifically younger users.

In particular, the usage of iPads in the classroom through blended learning have been proven several times to improve children’s grades. Research conducted in Auburn, Maine revealed that kindergarten students using iPads scored much higher than those students who didn’t use the device. A separate study mentioned that 86% of students believe that iPads can help them study more efficiently.

Apart from iPads, powerful phablets with screen sizes ranging from 5- to 7-inches are also being considered as reliable educational tools by some students. Based on the tech information shared by O2, new phablets on the market have improved the most important aspects of mobile devices from faster mobile data, brighter displays, longer batteries, powerful chipsets to the latest OS. Thus, it’s no wonder that phablets sales are expected to surpass tablets. Research by IDC stated that these hybrid devices will take 32% of the smartphone market in 2018 from 14% in 2014

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