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Meet the Voices: The Originals

Meet the Voices: The Originals

So much goes into the creation of an app: The idea, creating a workable app spec, design, UX and of course sound. In the case of Xander the voices we use are crucial to the overall experience of the app. Here at Xander we believe that using a first language speaker makes all the difference to the slight nuances in pronunciation and understanding. We’d like to introduce you to the amazing kids who have shared their voices with Xander and all of you in our 3 part, Meet the Voices series. First up, let’s meet the original voices of the first few Xander apps.

Lara Volschenk

Meet the voices: The Originals

Apps recorded: All Xander Afrikaans Apps (Excluding Xander Afrikaans Spel apps)

Tell us about yourself (Your name, how old you are, what school you go to)

I’m Lara Volschenk, I’m 12 years old, and I go to Laerskool Stellenbosch. I love to write fantasy stories quite a lot. I haven’t published any, but I hope to one day when I’m older. I like reading, mostly English books.

Did you like recording for the Xander apps and why?

Yes, because it’s fun to think that my Mom worked there, so I felt as if I was working there, too. Plus, I get paid most of the time!

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