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The Mom who started it all

The Mom who started it all

Sibella is lucky enough to works for herself, and can often bring the kids to work if necessary. She is also ruthless with prioritising her time, and tries to fit in the most important items early in the morning, so that she frees up time to spend with her kids in the afternoons. She is acutely aware of the fact that time is an asset that must be managed, and that time with your kids is precious and a finite resource.

Sibella develops educational apps, and lives and works with technology on a daily basis. We were curious as to how this fits in with her parenting. How much does such a tech-savvy mom rely on technology? She believes that it is important to distinguish between high quality interactive screen time and passive, mindless screen time. And to be consistent with any rules or limitations.

Her iPads are loaded with educational material so she have peace of mind when screen time exceeds the generally accepted 40 mins a day. Her kids are also lucky enough to feed chickens every day, take the dog for a walk and tend their veggies, and manage a good dose of Vitamin D and dirt to counter any inside time.

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