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Toys that Help with Brain Body Development

Toys that Help with Brain Body Development

Kids love to play, but doing so is also the primary way in which they learn about the world. Different forms of play and different toys help them learn different skills, developing both body and mind. If you’ve got little ones and want to encourage their development through play, here are our top five toys to help you do just that:

Toys that encourage the development of imaginary worlds

Toys can encourage different modes of thought and engagement from children, and certain types are likely to fuel imaginative thinking. These are things like dolls houses, Playmobil, Sylvanian Families and so forth – anything that allows them to create a story around different characters and immerse themselves in imaginary worlds. This is great for helping them to develop empathy, too, as they get to practice putting themselves in others’ shoes. Don’t limit yourself to creating an imaginary world through inanimate objects, though – even nature projects like worm farming can provide kids with a new micro-environment to try and understand.

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