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Bronwyn Hoedemaker

bronwyn Hoedemaker

Tell us about yourself?

I'm basically a juggler by profession. When I'm not working as a transcriptionist I'm juggling blog writing, snapchat snapping, instagramming, photo-taking, dog walking, product testing, cooking, and being a mom to a six year old. I've been known to drop the balls.

Tell us about your blog?

My blog started off as a way to share new experiences and discoveries, whether family activities, local kids' fashion or skincare products, with other Cape Town based moms. As time went on my blog morphed into a beauty blog because I discovered that my real interest lay in makeup and skincare. Sometimes as moms the only real “Me-time” we get is spent putting our makeup on in the mornings, the ritual of cleansing it off at night, or if we're very lucky, enjoying a solitary bath. Even moms want to look and feel their best, and I decided that beauty news and reviews are interesting or useful to a wider audience of women. It has become a bit of a family affair with my daughter doing her own 'Moo Reviews' and contributing her thoughts on things for kids too.

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