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Cindy Alfino

cindy Alfino

Tell us about yourself?*

Hello! I'm Cindy, although I don't often hear anyone call me that anymore. Right now I only answer to "Mooooooom", sometimes even if it's not my own child. Who I am outside of being a mom of three? Well, that might depend on who you ask. I own an insurance brokerage and have to balance the working mom life, I have a husband who I couldn't cope without and you can get anything out of me with a packet of NikNaks in hand.

Tell us about your blog?

I started blogging after our first baby way back in 2010. The truth of it is that I was thrust into this parenting life and even though it's a life I desperately wanted, I wasn't quite sure what the hell to do with it now that I had it. None of my friends had kids and I just felt alone and incapable of looking after this little bundle that needed so much from me. I blogged to connect and learn, but since then it has evolved as our lives have evolved. Now you can read back on old posts about sleepless nights but also read the new ones and know that eventually it will all work out in the end. You can find our blog at

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