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Craig Lotter

craig Lotter

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Craig Lotter, I'm 36 years old, and I'm a senior software developer at Touchwork. I'm happily married, live in the beautiful coastal town of Gordon's Bay, and have two gorgeous little girls, Jessica (5) and Emily (2). Seeing as my wife does shift work (she manages a guest house and bakes wedding cakes on the side), I am actively looking after and raising the girls. In other words, I don't really have much time to myself any more!

Tell us about your blog?

My blog started back in 2007 when I was still working at the University of Cape Town as a web developer, and was originally in place for me to mess around with the software and at the same time record some of my comings and goings. It then started becoming more of a tech tip repository for myself, as well as a place where I could keep track of a lot of my interests at the time, like comic books, animation, and gaming. It morphed into a place where I could keep everyone in our lives up to date with what was happening with the family and kids, and currently, as I travel more with the kids, it’s becoming more of a travel/ things to do blog. The site has gone through a number of name changes over the years (mainly because I still haven't come up with something good for such a varied blog), but the core idea behind it has always remained the same - It's my place for recording my life.

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