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Karen Du Toit

karen Du Toit

Tell us about yourself?

I became a mother a second time around after the age of 40. I got remarried again, and I already had a first-born from the first marriage. I learnt much in my first marriage, and would never again be subjected to emotional abuse again! I am married to a wonderful husband and father now, who is a friend and partner whom I still love to do everything with! I am an archivist during the day, and juggles the Johannesburg city rat race in the traffic each day where I spend more two to three hours on the road to work and fetching Little Miss of 7 years at her school and activities.

Tell us about your blog?

I started the blog to journal all the precious moments with the Little One. Because I had a fifteen year old daughter already, I knew how quickly she had changed from the cute baby to a feisty young lady!

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