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Sibella Knott-Craig

Sibella Knott-Craig

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Sibella Knott-Craig and I just love to laugh. I qualified as a chartered accountant and made a move to embrace freedom and flexibility through technology after having children and struggling to commit to corporate hours. To achieve this, I co-founded a company to build educational apps for young children in local languages, three years ago. This allows me to learn a plethora of new skills everyday and still spend time with my family. The mountains call me for a jog on weekends and I may potentially be spotted doing a jig to Taylor Swift.

Tell us about your blog?

Oh dear, it has become an extremely occasional decadence, and I hear rumours about this not being a good thing. I started my blog while I was on maternity leave, thinking that dabbling in blogging and technology would allow me to learn new skills (and keep me sane). I found the early days of motherhood extremely difficult and thought that sharing my experiences could help others who felt the same. But I’m a very private person and still struggle to “publish” my intimate thoughts, so I have a few unpublished pieces that I’m waiting to share once I feel more removed from them. In the meantime, I had another two children and started Tribage, so I pushed the pause button on my writing and blog. I’ll get back to it one day, I love writing and believe in sharing experiences that could help others.

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