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Thando Msomi

thando Msomi

Tell us about yourself?

My name (Thando) means love isiZulu and I've made it my life-mission to live up to it's meaning in all the things I do; so I'm very passionate and hands on with my loved ones, as I am with my career and interests. I have a son and a daughter.

Tell us about your blog?

I started Modern Zulu Mom in March 2015 after years of contemplation. Being the first women among my immediate friends to have a child 8 years ago, meant that I was the go-to person for information and advice for a long time and I began documenting the common themes and combining them with my experiences and passion for writing. I blog about my victories and failures as a mother, the various milestones a mother and child go through, current social issues, cultural influences and all the other ups and downs that a modern mother goes through.I have met some incredible mothers through the blog and seeing them being so receptive and supportive keeps me going.

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