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Shiko Nguru

Xander Mom: Shiko Nguru

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Shiko and I’m the proud mum to a 6 year old daughter with baby #2 expected this December. I love to laugh, drink wine and spend time with my family…preferably all at the same time!

Tell us about your blog?

The Green Calabash is a parenting and lifestyle blog that offers an honest and humorous take on motherhood, womanhood and everything in between. I started the blog 6 years ago as a way to document my pregnancy journey with my first born, Ella. The name Green Calabash was born out of an overwhelming feeling of being unprepared and naïve about motherhood (Green), but still feeling like I had a lot of potential to be of great value to other confused moms out there who were hungry for someone they could relate to (Calabash). Over the past 6 years the blog has continued to be a space for light hearted and candid sharing on parenting and lifestyle topics here in Kenya.

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